Our Mission

Financing your venture,
assisting with strategy


Finding players to finance your venture

You have players but their investment is either insufficient, restrictively regulated or a significant drain on capital. WIKANE Invest, was founded by 15 members of WIKANE, a network of consultants specialising in growth strategies.

Sa vocation

  • Select ventures with the highest growth potential
  • Finance or co-finance the test phase
  • assist the director in their strategy and the raising of future capital.


Credibility, because WiKANE has been successfully helping SMEs find funding for the last 25 years, whatever their bottom line.


Legitimacy, because the founding members were themselves entrepreneurs before becoming consultants. They inhabit the same world as the leader of an SME.


Competence, because growth strategies for high potential SMEs and SMIs are at the heart of all we’re about.

An original approach which sets us apart

Investing your money

WIKANE Invest is not a fund managing the investments of others, but a private holding investing exclusively in equity capital...

Creating leverages

When we invest in a company it’s to help them get off the ground or push towards a launch. As soon as we feel the company is ready to expand on a larger scale, we will create the necessary leverage conditions, in line with the priorities of the director. .

Assisting the director

In contrast to single funds, we get involved. We are not sleeping partners, but stakeholders who are fully involved in the development process. If the final decisions always fall on the company head, we will use all of our influence to help them make the right choices.

We put clear and balanced working procedures in place.

Our agreements set out a clear legal framework in order to manage the relationship between the director and WIKANE Invest in a way that honours the legitimate interests of both parties.

These include in particular:

  • Methods of buying and transferring shares by both partners.
  • Parameters for how WIKANE Invest will assist the company,
  • An exit strategy WIKANE Invest, you will have an investment partner who is faithful, loyal and involved.

So in WIKANE Invest, you will have an investment partner who is faithful, loyal and involved.

Are you the high potential business manager we’re looking for?

How can you achieve growth if you can’t envisage it?

With us...

With us you will discover that what matters in financial affairs, after the personality of the director and the credibility of the strategy is the precision of your communication.

Most arguments that would impress clients will leave financiers unmoved. It’s not enough to prove that an offer is the best in its field; you need to first demonstrate that the field is profitable. A machining company is used to compete against other machining companies and not against a firm importing and exporting Chinese lamps, which may be a more attractive prospect for investors.

... you will discover the importance of a strategic plan to give your business partners a crystal clear vision of where your company is headed.

You will be thanked for the time you save, which would otherwise be taken up with pointless questions, unproductive meetings, heated disagreements and costly diversions. You will have access, both internally and externally, to a wealth of connectivity in your objectives. You will be clear where your company is heading, you will be able to make it clear to others and you will have the means to make it happen.

With us, you will discover that contrary to popular belief financial engineering is a creative job.

We will build a financial solution for your company with a combination of complementary resources, which individually would not justify a price you’d be willing to pay: the control of your company.

Let’s embark on the adventure TOGETHER!

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